Saturday, May 18, 2013

Even when it rains....

When my husband and I moved to Ireland nearly three years ago we made a pact not to complain about the weather! Not a very Irish thing to do but we felt coming from the sunny skies of Australia to the grey chalky skies of the Emerald Isle might be a challenge so not complaining about something we couldn't change seemed like a great idea.

This was yesterday for example:

And this was today.....

When you're used to waking up to sunshine, this can be hard to get used to. A glimpse of summer promise than gone..... But if there is one thing God is teaching us during our time in Ireland is that life is full of hope, and that even in the small bits of sunshine, He is good to us & reminds us of how blessed we are. We live in a beautiful part of the world which wouldn't be so green if it didn't get as much rain as it did! And yes, we do miss our balmy, hot, dry summers....but now I if I moved back to Oz I would miss the crisp cold air, the soft rain making muddy puddles in our yard, the joy our daughter gets from jumping in those puddles & of course, snuggling in front of a warm, cosy fire.

Ireland is the most magical country when the sun shines. But it is also beautiful when it rains. A little bit like life sometimes....Life is full of blessings when things are good but life is full of blessings in the hard times to. We sometimes just need to look between the raindrops to find them!

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