Sunday, June 16, 2013

Coastal colours of the west of Ireland...

Last weekend we camped on the far west coast of Ireland on an island called Achill. It is beautiful spot, very rugged with tall jagged cliffs carving the coast interspersed with pristine beaches. The last time we were there was last winter when the wind nearly blew us off the beach! It was still beautiful but last weekend we were blessed with heavenly warm weather, no wind and had the chance to enjoy this amazing part of Ireland at its best.

One of the things I really love about Ireland is the variety of colours in the landscape, especially when the sun is shining. The grass is not just green but you can see here the yellows, rust, oranges, lime and dark greens that come through in the above picture. Stone structures like this abandoned house in Achill's deserted village, stand out even more against the stunning rich background of the grass and hills.

I truly find living in this place so inspiring to my creativity and every day I am thankful for God for bringing me here (yes, even when it rains too!). Sometimes I really wish I could paint landscapes (to be honest I've only tried a little and I don't have the patience for it!) and try and capture the colour and feel of these unique places.

The colours of these gypsy caravans for hire at the campsite where we were staying in Keel were just asking to be photographed! Great inspiration for a painting or embroidery.

Dugort Beach on the other side of the island. Perfect place to spend a perfect warm summer's day.