Monday, March 3, 2014

Little Clay Flower Girl

I like trying new things and I am very inspired by other crafters out there. One of my favourite crafters is Aimee Ray who has a lovely little shop selling her unique range of clay 'NOMS' (gnomes) on Etsy called littledear. You can follow her blog at littledeartracks . I absolutely love her gorgeous hand painted gnomes and I love her style of illustration. She also sells a variety of felt plush patterns and swirly embroidery patterns.

An example of Aimee Ray's latest NOMS
A few months ago I was using some clay to use in a school craft project at my children's school. With some of the leftovers, I sculpted a little girl, similar to Aimee Ray's gnome designs but with my own unique twist. I finally got a chance to paint it the other week with some watercolours. It was very fiddly work and I also had to contend with the beady eye of my little 4 year old daughter watching over my shoulder. Everything I make at the moment she claims for herself and often tells me what she wants me to do or how it should look! I tell you, she is definitely my harshest critic!